Don’t be Mad at Your House

Do you remember that scene in A Christmas Story where Ralph opens the bunny suit his grandmother (or aunt or someone) had made him and he really didn’t like it but his mother made him put it on because it took a lot of effort to make it?

So putting aside the fact that no young boy hoping for a BB gun would probably want to put those bunny PJs on, and that his attitude about it stunk but was great for comedy, his mother was right, right? When someone gives you something, don’t you say “thank you?”

So then why do you treat your body differently? Your body is the house God gave your soul to live in for your time on Earth, and our Western culture spends most of its time telling women their amazing, beautiful bodies are like those bunny suits. As a result, so many women go through so much of their lives mad at their bodies, dieting and crunching and starving and sucking in to achieve some aesthetic that society tells them they need.

Your body will tell you what kind of care it needs, so don’t push it to do things you don’t even enjoy to look a certain way. Concentrate on how you feel and what you can do. Allow yourself to love your body for what it’s capable of, whether that’s running a marathon, carrying and feeding your babies, achieving crazy yoga poses, bouncing your grand baby on your knee, or hiking up a mountain. Appreciate where your body has carried you. Love it for who gave it to you. And treat it well.

This is the introduction to a series I’m starting on verses for loving your body. Stay tuned for counter-cultural inspiration straight from God’s Word! And if you have a suggestion for a verse you want to see discussed in this series, leave a comment on this post, reach out via the “contact me” page, or slide into my DMs on Instagram, @torigwrites.

One thought on “Don’t be Mad at Your House

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