I believe God created us all with our own unique combination of spiritual gifts, talents, and challenges, to serve a purpose for Him. It’s easy enough to believe that; the hard part is figuring out what all of yours are.

According to a spiritual gifts test I recently took, my top five gifts are exhortation, faith, craftsmanship, mercy, and discernment.

Oddly, I think my talents and challenges compete with each other. I think I am generally pretty good at encouraging people, building them up, and making them feel comfortable. But I have such bad social anxiety that I’m always convinced that I make everyone super uncomfortable and tend to speak as little as I can get away with as a result.

I could point to a lot of things in my life that caused me the anxiety I have today, but I also feel that maybe that’s the work of our spiritual enemy trying to hold me back from encouraging people, especially women, to follow God to their fullest potential and creating the best circumstances they can for themselves.

So that’s what this blog is for. I intend for it to be an expression of my faith and a means to encourage you on yours. Let’s figure this out together, sis.