I’m still newish to my fitness journey, but it’s become all the more meaningful to me as I’ve learned to apply lessons I’ve learned from running to other areas of my life. For me, it became even more rewarding as I’ve learned to incorporate worship into my workouts and use the time to talk to God and listen for His answers.

I believe there are some problems with the way our society frames workouts and diets. We usually talk about these things as a means to look a certain way, and to be discontinued when we’ve reached that goal. This will not serve you for your whole life. This will not serve you for the length of time you will spend with your body.

Fitness should be more than a means to an end- it should be the end. And I don’t just mean physical fitness. I’m talking about mental fitness, spiritual fitness, emotional fitness, and yes, of course, physical fitness.

Media teaches us to care about working out and eating vegetables long enough to look good in your bikini (and of course that’s “good” by conventional, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition standards) and then eat whatever you want and move as little as you wish until it’s time to squeeze back into that swimsuit again.

Your heart, soul, and body are worth more than that.

You deserve to feel confident every day.

You deserve to feel peace, even if it’s just for a few minutes, every day.

Your body deserves to be appreciated by you every day.

You have value just because you exist. Our Father put you here for a reason, and your value isn’t limited to the value the world places on you. Fitness as a mission for me is about learning to feel the way that God put me here to feel. I move my body to appreciate what it can do. I feed it well to tell it thank you. Sometimes I don’t feed it well because I know that won’t break it and ice cream tastes good. I medicate my anxiety because that plus exercise is the only way I’ve found to clear my mind enough to hear God’s voice instead of my own panic.

God didn’t put us here to sit still all the time. That’s what trees are for. When you care more about how you feel and what you can do than you care about how you look, you are more in line with God’s view of you. Sis, this one took me a while. God made us carefully, so don’t be mad at the body He gave you. Find things to appreciate about the body, heart, and mind He gifted you with.


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